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Fastlane BMX Magazine

This fantastic magazine has just gone free online, if you’ve never seen it before it’s well worth checking out…

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Pump it!

This looks way cool and silky smooth!

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Update 23 March

A few of us caught up at the track on Sunday to chat about whats to be done so it’s probably a good time to update you all on progress so far and what the next steps will be.

We have had a number of emails and meetings with the local councillors and they are very keen to help us out. Unfortunately they have no money to help at this stage! They will be able to help advise us on what grants, funding etc are available and how we can go about applying for them. On a positive note, they have confirmed that the area within the boundary fence is ours and if we form a club we can develop and improve the facility as we see fit.

At least we know where we stand regarding the track and can build a plan from here. So, with that in mind we are going to do the following:

1. Form a club and make it official. The club will be called Musselburgh Monarchs BMX Club and once it is formed with its own bank account and committee we can start raising funds and applying for grants. If anyone fancies joining the committee, please let myself or Ian know, you are more than welcome!

2. Draw up plans for the proposed improvements to share with the council and have them costed. We will share the plans on here to get everyones opinions and make sure we are all happy with the layout. Please feel free to add your wish list on here.

3. Approach local contractors, businesses and clubs to see if they can help out in any way. If anybody knows anyone with tonnes of dirt a digger and a roller that they’d be happy to lend us, please let us know. All suggestions are welcome.

4. As the weather improves, get down to the track more often to encourage the development of the club, chat about progress and most importantly Ride!

So there you have it! Some progress but loads to do if we want to get the track and club going. We’ll keep you posted as things move forward but please let us know your thoughts and ideas, spread the word and hopefully see you at the track soon!

Kevin & Ian

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Sunday 20th March…

Myself and Ian are going to catch up at the track on Sunday morning at 11AM if anyone else is interested in meeting up. We have had some feedback from the local council and want to walk around and see what we need to do to get the show on the road.

Everyone welcome so come along and chuck in your thoughts….


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Some mental race action to get your teeth into from last years world championships in South Africa… great speed, skills and some crazy crashes!

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Things are starting to move in the background folks…..

We have had a response from some of our local councillors who are making enquiries within as to the current status of the track development. One has also been in touch with the architect to give us an update so we should know something in the next week or so.

Greg and Mike, the local Community Wardens have also been in touch wanting to get involved which is fantastic news. They have some pretty rad ideas for the track as well which is brilliant. Its gonna be good guys, stay tuned!

Finally, we have had some local press coverage and people seem to be visiting the blog regularly which is brilliant. Please feel free to add your comments and ideas to the blog, and keep spreading the word!

In the meantime, check out this vid, silky skills and chilled music….. what more do you need!


<p><a href=”″>Another Trendy Slow Motion Video: Solstice</a> from <a href=””>Tyler Deschaine</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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Happy Days….

I know its not racing but its bikes on dirt which is all good…. enjoy!!

Oh, and you can’t beat a bit of Tenpole Tudor we say!

<a href="


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We have had a response from some of our local councillors from our weekend mail-shot folks, progress is under way!! We’ll keep you posted when we hear more…. Standby!!

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We’re back on line!

Right folks, its been ages since we have posted up on the blog so apologies for our slacking!

Quite a few people have been in touch to find out what is happening with the track and the club and to be honest we have been waiting for others/council/developer to get the track built and surfaced. To cut a long story short, it appears that this is not going to happen any time soon so a few of us are going to kick on and try and get things moving. It would be great to get the track up and running in time for the fine weather wouldn’t it?!

So, this is the plan….. this week we will be talking to the local and Edinburgh press to drum up some support for the track and hopefully the forming of the new Musselburgh Monarchs BMX club. We will also be contacting the council to find out what is happening to the track as it stands and what the scope is to improve it… or at the very least complete what has been started. From there we think we will be better placed to plan the next steps.
It will happen in 2011 and we are committed to getting it sorted this year and getting the best possible BMX racing/dirt jumping facility we can in Musselburgh.

That said, we will report our progress on how things are shaping up on here, so please come back for regular updates (we promise it won’t be a year before the next post!). In the meantime, please spread the word, get involved by giving us your suggestions and support and lets aim to have a summer of radness in 2011!

Kevin and Ian

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Progress Report

Currently the track progress has been stopped. This is because more area was requested which the council have agreed to so the track can meet regional race status. We are now trying to arrange more funding and a change to the layout and jumps before the perimeter fence is erected.More updates on this soon.

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