About Musselburgh Monarchs BMX Club

Musselburgh has a long history with BMX racing and it is fantastic news that the council are building a brand new track as part of the new Race Course development. The track has been relocated and is currently being upgraded to a regional standard facility.

A few of us who raced the original Musselburgh track back in the day (early/mid 80’s) are in the process of re-forming the ‘Musselburgh Monarchs BMX Club’. It is our intention to bring regular racing to the Edinburgh area along with coaching and skills training throughout the year.
Until we get the website up and running, we hope that this blog keeps you up to speed with the progress we are making at the track and with the club. It is also our aim to show you some of the best racing and events from Scotland and around the world so it will be worth your while stopping by now and then.

If you would like to get involved, want to know more, or would like to make a posting, just leave us a comment below and we will get back to you.




  1. This is great news and my eleven year old son will be delighted. Looking forward to hearing when it is all up and running.


    • Thanks Romney, keep checking out the blog for regular updates on progress and please help spread the word!

      Musselburgh BMX

      • Currently the track progress has been stooped.This is because more area was requested which the council have agreed to so the track can meet regional race status.We are now trying to arrange more funding and a change to the layout and jumps before the perimeter fence is erected.More updates on this soon.

        Musselburgh BMX

  2. it would be so great to have three race tracks to race this would bring a lot more riders up from
    down south and in prove every ones level so lets make sure the council do it right the first time then
    lets get a national and that would be a dream three
    regional titans cumbernauld and musselbrugh and some where in glasgow for the national and try and get the brits and euros then the the worlds and why not and remember this is for our talented youth riders.

  3. hi there could anyone tell me where this new track is? my 13 years old son looking forward to hearing when and where it is all up and running. victor

  4. Hi my name is Conor White – I am the son of Gary White who used to be in the Musselburgh Monarchs as a boy. I would like to know if there is a BMX Club starting as I would be very interested and I have lots of friends who would be interested as well as they all have BMX bikes.

    • Hi Conor

      Thanks for getting in touch and yes we are still looking to form a BMX club at Musselburgh. Hopefully we can get things kicked off during the summer months. If you are interested in BMX racing why not check out the http://www.titansbmx.co.uk for the summer season race dates at Clydebank. Everyone is welcome, its great fun and the racing caters for all levels…. even the old boys if your dad still fancies a go!

  5. hi im intrested in joning your club as i love bmx racing at the musselbru track i am there every weackend with frends

  6. you guys should get a club going out there and get the young ones training on the track then get all the parents to press the local councilor to get it sorted ,have an club open day and invite the local papers and the folk in charge of building it then get into them for what you want

    we want musselburgh bmx tack back

  7. Hi there,

    Just wondering if there is any update on the club starting up?
    I have been looking to introduce my son to BMXing racing and the only club I can find in central Scotland was Titans. As I live close to Musselburgh it would be great to have a club and organise some races. Heck I might even dig out my old race pants and have ago again myself!

    • Hi Kris

      Thanks for dropping us a line, we are back on line after a bit of a lay off and committed to getting the track and club up and running this year. We would hope that we can have some sort of events at the track during 2011…. even if it is just to introduce the kids to the art of racing, jumping and the basic skills involved.

      Stay in touch and hopefully we’ll see you and your son at the track before to long.


  8. I would just like to say all the best with the track and club . Being an ex Forres flyer back in the 80’s bmx was some of the best days of my life! good luck ian and kev hope it comes together for you!

    • Cheers Pod, next time your down this neck of the woods you are more than welcome to come over to brush a berm or 2!

  9. Good luck with this, and I’ll keep an eye out for progress. It will be great for the town – and my 2 sons are looking forward to getting down on their bikes. Cheers.

  10. hi paul henderson here.raced for mussy back when i was just a boy and think its great wot uz r doin for the club and the kids. keep up good work and might have shot of boys ride try out the new track c how the lungs hold out. will keep an eye out for updates.hi to ian archibald.

  11. Hi there, Jason Walker here, still have great memories of the old track from when i was a rider back in the mid to late 80’s , I’m actively looking to buy and restore some oldschool bikes at the moment (Haro, Pk Ripper, mongoose ,Skyway, Gt, Kuwhara, Aero, ) etc. Great bikes from the good old days. Great news that someone is trying to relaunch the track and club again ,i will watch the progress very closely , Good Luck.
    If anyone has any old frames or complete bikes to sell please feel free to contact me. jason.hibs@googlemail.com

  12. hi,
    I am from New Zealand and i race bmx over here, i am in the process of moving over to Edinburgh after i compete at the 2012 bmx worlds in birmingham. I will be wanting to keep racing so was just wondering if there is a track/club i am able to ride at in the Edinburgh area?

    Nicole from nz

  13. Hi,

    Are you doing any fundraising for the new track or the club? I work in an office and we’re doing a bit of activity around BMX racing and the Olympics and would like to get involved in some way whether that be doing bake sales or raising awareness of the sport.


  14. Hi there,
    My son is interested in joining. Is there a telephone number I could call to find out information?

  15. Hi there,
    My son is interested in joining. Is there a telephone number I could call to find out information?

  16. Following the Olympics I have a 7yo boy who would like to give BMX racing a try. How can we get started?

  17. Can anyone give advice on how one goes about laying a BMX track and the likely cost? A group of enthusiastic youngsters in a small community south of Edinburgh are as keen as mustard to have their own track, but don’t know how to go about it. Any advice would be appreciated.

  18. I want to get involved with the racing but I don’t know
    1. Where to go
    2. How much lessons would cost
    3. If I need my own bike

  19. I post a message again as I am not sure how all this works. I would like to know if there is any group my son (14) could join to practice his bmx skills. Kim, is this group you mention around the area of Musselburgh? We live in Portobello. Could anyone let me know? Kind regards. irena

    • No Irene. The track is being planned for Lauder in the Borders which is a quite a long way from Portobello.

      • So is the track at Musselburgh no more? Seems a shame as there does appear to be quite a lot of interest post Olympics.

  20. there is a track at Clydebank G812PL western titans bmx club and you can sample some bmx racing on the 9th september scottish open all welcome and we have gate practice on tuesday & thursday night 6-8

  21. i would love to hear how progress is going on the track,i currently race at western titans in clydebank “old school”but traveling from broxburn would make life so much more easy………..

  22. I used to hang out at Musselburgh BMX in the 80s and was chuffed to hear that a new track is going ahead. I am going to head down today to see how it’s all going. I have been wanting to get back into it lately but with no track nearby it was impossible for me. Maybe it still is being 40 plus now. I last rode Musselburgh in 1985 when I wiped out, overshooting the table top by double and smashing my hefty Elswick into smithereens.

    Is there a veterans scene in Scotland?

  23. Hi, I am not sure how this forum works but I just got an email with Robin’s last comment. Could anyone let me know if my son (14) could join a group (or even one person!) to BMX together? He is very keen, has done quite a bit in the past and would like to continue but it is difficult when you are on your own and not clear where to go.
    Looking forward to hear from any of you

  24. Oh — I have just noticed that Martin York very kindly replied to one of my earlier posts asking the same. I apologise for not replying Martin. I did not get an email notification of the follow up postings and I thought there was no response.
    In any case, are any of you parents with young ones interested in forming a wee group? I hear there is the transgression park now in which BMX happens indoors though it does not attract my son’s interest for some reason.
    Kind regards

    irena (ah – really sorry as well the Musselburgh track is not going ahead!)

  25. Hi Irene western titans does gate practice every weekend from 13:30 to 15:00 check out our web site http://www.titansbmx.com and you will get the post code there and information on races as well you can also contact me by phone 07792936236 David Russell hope this helps you..

    • David, I left a message on your mobile number — did you get it?

  26. Hi David, thanks so much for your reply. I will phone you as soon as I can but meanwhile I did look for this website but rather than .com it came up with .co.uk Is this the same? Also, it seems to be located in the Glasgow area. I gather for what you suggest that there may be some groups operating in the Edinburgh area? BTW my mobile is 07875236069.
    Kind regards

  27. is there anything happing at the track anytime. its all died down and not heard anything. going up on saterday if anyone is wanting to come along for a bit of work or even a rife

  28. Hi Kevin

    I’m going to have a go at getting a club up and running and a new and proper track, I have a few questions for you…get in touch please
    a.w.y079@gmail or via facebook page Musselburgh monarchs bmx


  29. I am very keen join a group Alan. Could you please let me know of any developments? Samuel (15 years old)

    • Hi Samuel

      I will do, there have been a few people offering to help, we’ll look at a getting together in the near future.

      Facebook- musselburgh Monarchs bmx

  30. Thanks!! any thing I can help with just ask.

  31. Musselburgh Monarchs BMX Racing Club has reformed!

    We a currently in negotiations with the council about get the track sorted
    Hopefully have good news shortly….

    For the time being we will use facebook for updates, like the page!

    Musselburgh monarchs bmx club
    Or email


  32. Great. Can’t find the facebook page though. Can you specify?

  33. Hi folks

    We are currently filling in application forms for funding, one thing we must prove is there is a need for a new track, this will be vitally important in securing funding!

    Please share this/pass it on to anyone who has a cycling interest, adults/kids sports clubs, anyone that’s wants to see Musselburgh Monarchs return!

    The more we can get the better chance we’ll have.
    We NEED your help!!!!

    Attached is a small survey please take a minute to fill it in please.


    If this link doesn’t work copy and paste in in the browser bar


  34. Hi there, I’m trying to get my five year old bike daft son into some sort of bike club and wondered if you done anything for Kidd of this age?


    • Hi

      Yes, 5 years if the perfect age to start, club practice is a Tuesday night from 6.30.

      bring him and his bike and come have a chat with us.


  35. Fantastic, just heard this track is still there. Raced it a few times with Scotia way back. Can you let me know when the next race meeting is?

    Cheers Shaun

  36. Hi, Can you tell me if there is a BMX track still operational in Musselburgh?

    We run a youth club with a bike project predominately BMX’s in Livingston. Please can you reply to admin@thevennie.co.uk

    Many thanks.


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