Posted by: musselburghbmx | February 26, 2012

Making Movies

Hi Folks

Its all been a bit quiet of late but I got this email that could help kick start things again….

Hi Kevin,

I grabbed your email off the Musselburgh Monarchs website. I’m making a series of short films for Procter and Gamble around the Olympics; one of them is with Chris Hoy’s mum – it’s kind of an opportunity for her to tell the story of Chris’s journey to Olympic champion.

One of the ideas we’ve had for a location for this film is at a BMX track, especially as Chris first got into cycling through BMX racing and I’m trying to find a suitable location for the film. I understand the Musselburgh track has been renovated recently and I wonder if I could give you a call about the possibility of doing it there.

If it sounds interesting, could you drop me a line with a number to get you on? It’d be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


They will be coming to Edinburgh next Thursday, 1st March to film at the track. They have asked if anyone is around it would be great to have some riders in the background…. so, if you fancy being an extra get yourself down there! I will find out more on timings and post a note on here over the next few days.

Check back for more info on the track this week…. with Spring approaching and the Olympics around the corner we need to get cracking and get back on track!




  1. Hi I was wondering if you would like to have a bmx display team attend our Celtic festival here at Newbattle abbey college on the 19th of May 2012? OR a taster session where you could set up some obstacles in our grounds and promote yourself?
    would this interest you?
    Many Thanks

  2. hay guys, whens things kicking back off. anything happening soon?

  3. Anything going on here these days?

  4. anything happing soon

  5. Hi, my son may be interested. However, I got into this threat of comments because we are trying to find out if there is a bmx group he could join. He is a keen bmxer and is trying to find a group. Could you please let me know?

  6. Nothing happening folks. Ive been busy working,and to be honest enjoying riding/racing my bike elsewhere and Kevin has changed jobs and is now off shore. The track as you will know is now un-rideable and a complete revamp is required as it was left in a totally useless condition by the ‘track builders’ who did the last work on it before . It needs major funding, and i’m talking tens of thousands to get something worthwhile and the only way that will happen is by forming a committee and opening a bank account and then appying for funds. It will be a major effort which i dont have time for at the moment but i have not totally given up. Still amazed people are putting posts on here. Its a shame there is no movement on things and for that i apologize but it’s hard work getting anywhere. I think that the best we could hope for is a good practise/pump track as the land area will not suit a race track as i have tried to think of a design for a while.

    Any help welcome

    Irene, the nearest and only BMX clubs in Scotland are Cumbernauld and the Clydebank Titans which has a link on this page.



  7. Hi Ian, I’m very much interested in getting the track back to a rideable condition, with a view to upgrading to regional standard.

    I fully understand the scale of the task at hand, and dedication required to move forward with the process of gaining funding etc.

    Please contact me if you require volunteers, I’m more than willing to help in any way possible if there is even a slim chance of re-instating a quality BMX in Musselburgh.


  8. Don’t any of you have a photo of the track? If you do then please mail it to me on:

    Nicoline from Denmark

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