Posted by: musselburghbmx | November 10, 2011

Track Meeting

Hi folks.

Things still on going in the background.

If anyone fancies a meet at the track on Saturday. Then i will be there about midday.




  1. Whats the news Ian? I can’t make it, out for Sinys 40th.

    Johnny Brown

  2. Hi Johnny. Hopefully quality materials arriving soon courtesy of Mr Fox, so we can use this and start to shape the jumps to make everything rideable as well as resembling a BMX track. Ewan also hope’s to get machinery to do the sculpting as well. Also Kev is pursuing some other avenues that might bear fruit. Have to wait and see..

    Another BMX old schooler turns 40 eh ! Give my regards to Sinny. Hope he’s well.


  3. Went along to the track today. Took the bike. Not too muddy considering the rain, but as we all know no fun to ride on. Anyway, Ewan Fox came along also and we dicsussed the next stage of alterations which will be to that Ewan can supply loads of earth and get dropped off around the track area and with the use of a mini-ex he will be supplying also, start making it into something worthwhile. This should happen very soon.

    I’ll hopefully make it through to Clydebank tomorrow to watch the next round of their winter race series. Not sure if i’ll take part as i’m still on the comeback trail.


  4. when is the next meating?

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