Posted by: musselburghbmx | August 29, 2011

Saturday 3 September



  1. Please spread the word people, look forward to seeing you all there. If anyone needs any flyers or a PDF for printing, just give us a shout and we’ll hook you up!

  2. Posted mine up in the Port Seton co-op and community centre.
    Sorry i wont be able to make it. Hope it goes well

  3. Hi guys
    I was formerly one of the racers back in the day who hand built the 1st track . Recently got back into cycling in a big way and would like to offer my support to further this great cause . Unsure if the old bones would withstand the punnishment (lol) . Inlook forward to hearing from you soon on next step . Will pop down to track ASAP .

    • Nice one Ewan, we are sorting a track day out for the 25 September so keep looking on here for more details as we put it together, Be great to have you on board…. if you have any photos of the track from back in the day, please feel free to post them up! It would be great for everyone to see how good it was back then.


      • Hi there will look them out . Only problem we are all a lot younger lol.

        Got plenty photos and maybe a video

  4. im going to try my hardest to pop over on the 25th, hopefully ill see a few old faces i recognise from the bronze age.

  5. Hey is there anything happing tomorrow at the track like what was said at the last meating?

  6. i only found out about the meeting at the track 2 days ago, if i had known before i would have been there aswell. like ewan i also help build the origional track, i would really like to know how progress is going with the track and the club and will also offer my support when possible.

  7. hi guys,bn down down track few times over last wk couple of wks help get daughter used to being on track. noticed gear at trackside take it for work on track? would like to offer manual help if poss try and help where and when can and try and downlad flyer to put about.

  8. Hi Ian / Committee
    Got some great news further to our conversation this week I can now arrange the free soil as discussed . We can get as much as we need , the lorries hold around 20 ton a time and there are 2 in the area at all times .
    Can I suggest we meet to finalise the finer points ie will the lorries fit through the gaps as they are 2 meters wide . Also got access to a digger. So here we go . Thinking about coming out of retirement ha ha !

    Let me know how we Move this forward


    • Brillaint Euan. I’m available any night this week or at the weekend. Would it be better to meet at the track ( i know it would be dark
      during the week) to see how the lorry would get in and point
      out the places we would like to see it put etc. Thanks again.

  9. that”s top class ewan i was at the track a couple of weeks ago and it needs a healthy bit of work done to it, im up for it !!!!

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