Posted by: musselburghbmx | August 25, 2011

Onwards Upwards

Thanks to everyone that came out last night for the meeting at the track. It’s amazing how powerful a few heaps of dirt with potential can be!…

For those of you that couldn’t make it, we all decided to meet up again on the 3 September at 10.30am at the track to really kick things off. Between now and then if anyone has any ideas or contacts for diggers, dirt, trees, grass, wheelbarrows, shovels, concrete, tarmac, whacker plates, rollers, start gates or anyone willing to offer their time to dig, promote or join the committee please post your suggestions on here.

I’m going to knock up a flyer for the meeting to post around the local area so if anyone wants to help out with printing and distributing to the kids, schools, youth clubs, shops, newspapers and radio stations of the Lothians drop me an email and I’ll send you a PDF copy:
I’ll also run some copies off at work so if you can’t get any printed, drop me an email and I can get a pile over to you.

We’ll look into sorting out the paperwork for the club and get it registered so we can start applying for grants and funding. Hopefully we’ll have this done for the meeting on the 3rd. If anyone can get their hands on application forms or details of grants/funding that we should be going for please bring them along to the meeting and we can get them filled out and submitted.

There’s lots to do but it could be great and although the track is far from being ideal at the moment, I think we can all see the potential (with a bit of graft) to make it great.

Thanks again for everyone that came out last night and hopefully see you all again on the 3rd… it’s going to be good and a lot of fun!





  1. Thanks to everyone who has been in touch to offer their help, momentum is starting to build… lets keep it going!

    Posters and flyers will be sorted out for our meeting on the 3rd this weekend, drop me an email if you can distribute some in your area and I can get copies or a PDF to you.

    Thanks again and keep spreading the word!

  2. paul henderson here. used to race back in the days for mussy, dont have money or contacts for ur barrows and stuff but dont mind a bit of graft at nites if any help am bit of a beast wi a shovel. try and let know when to pop down and ill c if i can help.cheers.

    • Cheers Paul. We’re having a meeting on Saturday 3rd at 10.30am at the track if you can make it along. We’ll certainly keep you posted when we are going to be down with our shovels! Thanks for getting in touch.

  3. Hi Paul.
    Good to hear from you. Still got your bike?
    Thanks for offering to help and hope you can make it along on Saturday although i wont be there this time but hope to see you the track sometime soon.

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