Posted by: musselburghbmx | August 17, 2011


Its been a few weeks since the council finished work on the track and there is still a lot to do to get it up to scratch!! We should sort a time to meet everyone interested in helping out at the track in the coming week or so to try and keep things moving. Can all those interested please leave a time and date that suits them on this post. Maybe next Tuesday 23 or Wednesday 24 August at 6.30pm?



  1. wednesday for me – 6:30 is ok

  2. Wednesdays good for me as well Greg… anyone else?

    • mike’s coming as well – theres also a few interested from the East Lothian MTB group that’ll probably come along

      • is the meeting at the track?

  3. Hi chaps . I’m working backshift this week so can’t make it to the meeting.

  4. I can make it tomorrow night for around 6:30. Was possibly going to bring along a couple of mates who do a bit of BMXing and are also willing to lend a hand if that’s OK?

  5. Nice one guys, see you all at the track tomorrow evening, 6.30 on the starting hill!!
    Kris, your mates are more than welcome…. the more the merrier!

  6. today is awseome for me to see u all there

    • Good to see you out yesterday Gordon, your man with the digger license might just come in handy! See you on the 3rd.

  7. How did the meet go ?

    • Good turn out Ian, I’ll give you a shout over the weekend to catch up on registering the club.

  8. Great to meet some like minded peeps last night! Cant wait to get stuck in and actually ride it… Shall we call a bet on the first person to clear the back leg gap then?? If so I may have to visit this weekend and get some practice in!!
    Is this a site that can be joined to get figures on how many members are in?



    • Cheers for coming out Russell.

      We should sort out a facebook page to try and get a measure on members and interest. It might also help get numbers up as well.
      As a matter of interest I have just checked the numbers on the stats page for this site and daily we regularly get over 50 hits which suggests there’s a pretty good interest.

      See you on the 3rd.

  9. Was good meeting you all last night.

    Kevin/Ian, I was looking to try and get in touch with you both but I don’t have any contact details? (Kev, I’ll try calling your shop tomorrow if that’s easier, not unless your able to pick my e-mail address up from my blog posts and just drop me an e-mail?)

    Just wanted to offer my assistance to help out with any paperwork etc for starting up/registering the club or anything else for that matter to help get the ball rolling.



    • Nice one Kris, drop me an email and I’ll send you over my number as I’m not always in the shop. My email address is:



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