Posted by: musselburghbmx | May 10, 2011


Out of the blue last week we had an email from the council asking to meet with them at the track. They wanted to review the site and what could be done to improve things. So, Ian went along and met with Councillor John Caldwell and the Architect and we think that the meeting went very well!!

The upshot is that the council are about to commence further ground works at the racecourse and have proposed that the earth removed from the site be used to build up the start hill, first straight, berm and second straight. As part of the works they are also moving the start hill further back on the site to build a long, wide first straight which is key to getting an 8 man start gate. Depending on the amount of earth removed will determine how far we get in upgrading the whole site but it is a great start. As the car park they are building at the racecourse will have a tarmac surface, they have also offered to tarmac the start hill… brilliant!

The works commence on site in 3 weeks time so we could have a pretty cool track (at least first 2 straights) up and running for the summer months which would be pretty cool.

This is a great leap forward for the track and maybe the kick that we need to get the club registered and running. Stay tuned for further updates and hopefully a plan of what the new track will look like.



  1. Thats great news. My oldest son is getting right into it and want to go to the track all the time – he will be delighted. Well done lads, keep up the good work.

  2. i used to race against a guy from musselborough..fraser watson…he still involved with bmx you know???

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