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Making Movies

Hi Folks

Its all been a bit quiet of late but I got this email that could help kick start things again….

Hi Kevin,

I grabbed your email off the Musselburgh Monarchs website. I’m making a series of short films for Procter and Gamble around the Olympics; one of them is with Chris Hoy’s mum – it’s kind of an opportunity for her to tell the story of Chris’s journey to Olympic champion.

One of the ideas we’ve had for a location for this film is at a BMX track, especially as Chris first got into cycling through BMX racing and I’m trying to find a suitable location for the film. I understand the Musselburgh track has been renovated recently and I wonder if I could give you a call about the possibility of doing it there.

If it sounds interesting, could you drop me a line with a number to get you on? It’d be much appreciated.

Many thanks,


They will be coming to Edinburgh next Thursday, 1st March to film at the track. They have asked if anyone is around it would be great to have some riders in the background…. so, if you fancy being an extra get yourself down there! I will find out more on timings and post a note on here over the next few days.

Check back for more info on the track this week…. with Spring approaching and the Olympics around the corner we need to get cracking and get back on track!


Posted by: musselburghbmx | November 10, 2011

Track Meeting

Hi folks.

Things still on going in the background.

If anyone fancies a meet at the track on Saturday. Then i will be there about midday.


Posted by: musselburghbmx | August 29, 2011

Saturday 3 September

Posted by: musselburghbmx | August 25, 2011

Onwards Upwards

Thanks to everyone that came out last night for the meeting at the track. It’s amazing how powerful a few heaps of dirt with potential can be!…

For those of you that couldn’t make it, we all decided to meet up again on the 3 September at 10.30am at the track to really kick things off. Between now and then if anyone has any ideas or contacts for diggers, dirt, trees, grass, wheelbarrows, shovels, concrete, tarmac, whacker plates, rollers, start gates or anyone willing to offer their time to dig, promote or join the committee please post your suggestions on here.

I’m going to knock up a flyer for the meeting to post around the local area so if anyone wants to help out with printing and distributing to the kids, schools, youth clubs, shops, newspapers and radio stations of the Lothians drop me an email and I’ll send you a PDF copy:
I’ll also run some copies off at work so if you can’t get any printed, drop me an email and I can get a pile over to you.

We’ll look into sorting out the paperwork for the club and get it registered so we can start applying for grants and funding. Hopefully we’ll have this done for the meeting on the 3rd. If anyone can get their hands on application forms or details of grants/funding that we should be going for please bring them along to the meeting and we can get them filled out and submitted.

There’s lots to do but it could be great and although the track is far from being ideal at the moment, I think we can all see the potential (with a bit of graft) to make it great.

Thanks again for everyone that came out last night and hopefully see you all again on the 3rd… it’s going to be good and a lot of fun!



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Its been a few weeks since the council finished work on the track and there is still a lot to do to get it up to scratch!! We should sort a time to meet everyone interested in helping out at the track in the coming week or so to try and keep things moving. Can all those interested please leave a time and date that suits them on this post. Maybe next Tuesday 23 or Wednesday 24 August at 6.30pm?

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Progress 27 July 2011

Here we are folks, progress so far. We now have a decent siz start hill that looks plenty wide for an 8 man gate. Long, fast looking first, second and last straight with the makings of some challenging jumps.

Just a bit worried about the amount of dirt, dust and time left!… we’ll keep you all updated as the week goes on.

(Click on the image if you want to enlarge the photograph)

Posted by: musselburghbmx | July 23, 2011

Progress 4 (23 July 2011)

I had a call from the council on Friday and there is a big machine going to the track on Monday to knock it into shape! It will be there for a week or so, so we will hopefully have something to race on in the next few weeks!! We’ll keep you all posted with some pics as progress is made.

Can we just ask you all once again to keep off the track when it is under construction, it will be a building site and unsuitable for safe riding.

Good things come to those who wait!!

Posted by: musselburghbmx | July 15, 2011

Progress 3 (15 July 2011)

Myself and Ian met with the architect and contractor today to walk the track and discuss the layout with them. This is a really positive development and it feels as if it’s all starting to gather momentum again. Those of you that have been down will notice that there’s been about 300 tonnes of dirt dumped in preparation for the track work!

The main points that we discussed with the council were to do with the layout. These were:

1. Increasing the length and width of the starting straight to get a full 8 man gate.
2. Building up and re-shaping the berms and jumps where we can.
3. Pulling the second last berm closer to the second straight and turned into a 180º. This should make it a faster corner where momentum is not lost.
4. Increasing the length of the last straight with plenty of scope to extend the proposed rhythm sections in the future.

Although there is limited pot of money available we are pushing for as much as we can (if you don’t ask you don’t get!) and will continue to do so! Keep your fingers crossed that the guys in the council will be able to stretch the budget a wee bit further for us.

The anticipated date for the works to begin is week commencing 25 July 2011 and should take a couple of weeks so hopefully things should move really quickly from here on in. Myself and Ian will be going on site throughout the build to make sure that the jumps are as challenging as they can be and that the flow of the track is good.

Finally, can we ask that everyone stays off the track when it is under construction. The area will effectively be a building site and carries all the dangers of a building site so if we can all respect the councils request that would be appreciated.

I think thats it for now. Its been a good day for Musselburgh and Scottish BMX.

We’ll post more when we know more and hopefully get some photographs up along with a track layout for you all to look at.

This is it… it’s going to be good!


Posted by: musselburghbmx | May 11, 2011

Progress 2

Theres no hanging about with the boys from East Lothian council!…. Ian was down the track today and they have already started to dump earth on the starting straight to build up the jumps!! This is great news guys….

Massive thanks to East Lothian Council, you’re a rad bunch!

Hopefully have some photos to share with you all in the next few days…. stay tuned…

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Out of the blue last week we had an email from the council asking to meet with them at the track. They wanted to review the site and what could be done to improve things. So, Ian went along and met with Councillor John Caldwell and the Architect and we think that the meeting went very well!!

The upshot is that the council are about to commence further ground works at the racecourse and have proposed that the earth removed from the site be used to build up the start hill, first straight, berm and second straight. As part of the works they are also moving the start hill further back on the site to build a long, wide first straight which is key to getting an 8 man start gate. Depending on the amount of earth removed will determine how far we get in upgrading the whole site but it is a great start. As the car park they are building at the racecourse will have a tarmac surface, they have also offered to tarmac the start hill… brilliant!

The works commence on site in 3 weeks time so we could have a pretty cool track (at least first 2 straights) up and running for the summer months which would be pretty cool.

This is a great leap forward for the track and maybe the kick that we need to get the club registered and running. Stay tuned for further updates and hopefully a plan of what the new track will look like.

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